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 Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Program at Pu’u Kohola National Hitoric Site


The WAVE (Wa’akaulua Authentic Voyaging Experience)

Catch The Wave!

Catch the WAVE!


The W.A.V.E. (Wa’akaulua Authentic Voyaging Experience)is a unique program that offers visitors the opportunity to experience first-hand the tradition of Hawaiian sailing. This free program includes the opportunity to ride on a double-hulled canoe with an expert in Hawaiian sailing techniques, history and culture.

Free tickets for this program will be available at the Visitor Center beginning at8:00am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tickets are issued on afirst-come-first-servedbasis and will be issued in the order of the next available program. A maximum of 36 tickets will be issued per day. (No reservations are allowed; No Commercial Tour Groups).

Program Schedule: 8:30am 9:30am 10:30am 12:15pm 1:15pm 2:15pm

Each tour lasts approximately 45 minutes. In the event of poor weather or ocean conditions, the program will consist entirely of a land-based cultural program. The program may be delayed, postponed or cancelled without prior notice. Minors under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. A maximum of six people are allowed per ride (four of which must be adults or teenagers 13+).

This program is funded by theHawai’i Pacific Parks Association, the park’s official non-profit cooperating association.

Please note the following:

• This program involves riding in a non-motorized double-
hulled canoe in the open ocean.

• All participants will assist in the operation of the canoe, requiring physical exertion (i.e. paddling, getting in and out of canoe, swimming, etc.)

• You and your belongings will get wet and dirty. Do not take anything with you that you do not want to get wet, dirty, damaged, destroyed or lost (i.e. cameras, cell phones, car keys, jewelry, clothing, shoes, etc.). Note: Packaged food and drinks are not allowed on the canoe (water is allowed).

• For your safety, you will be required to wear a life vest and follow all safety instructions at all times during the program.

• Conditions can include wind, heat, direct sun (no shade), high waves and swift currents.

• You may encounter a variety of marine creatures (i.e. sharks, sea urchins, whales, etc.).

• There is a possibility of capsizing and other adverse situations that could result in a life-threatening situation.

• This is not an exhaustive list of all the hazards and conditions that you could encounter during the program.


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